About me

Hey there, Ian Chandler here. When I’m not gallivanting across the high seas on my pirate ship,coming to the realisation that I am the reason all the rum is gone, I like to spend my time in my man cave, playing video games for the enjoyment of others on Twitch. With a Kraken and Coke in one hand and a bottle of Brew Dog chilling in the fridge, some would say I enjoy the occasional drink Or six. If I’m not streaming myself, I can either be found aiding other streamers dealing with problematic DeepBot issues or painting the town various shades of red with the Mrs and friends.

What do I stream?

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. As a variety gamer, I have streamed games such as Diablo 3, Pay Day 2, Elite Dangerous, CS:GO and more. Some games I play solo, others like Jackboxparty games, I play with a crew of friends. One thing is for certain, with my streams, there will always be a good game to watch, plenty of laughter and copious amounts of alcohol and swearing.

What do I like to Drink?

I think the real question is, what DON’T I like to drink. Put a drink in front of me and I will drinkit. However, Rum and beer are my poisons of choice. Kraken Black Spiced Rum or Captain Morgan SpiceRum to be particular and my fridge is always stocked with Brew Dog Punk IPA.

You can find me on Twitch at twitch.tv/ianchandler1990


Since the dawn of the Twitch API, man has created bots to assist him on his streaming journey. Many(many) bots have risen from the fingertips of many a hardworking streamer/programmer hoping tocreate something to help herself, her community, and other streamers.

DeepBot is one such bot. DeepBot is intended to be an all in one tool for streamers looking tocreate an interactive experience with their chat. One of the bot’s key features is a loyalty system,which allows streamers to provide incentives to viewers in order to build and foster theircommunities

Visit DeepBot website at deepbot.tv

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VIP lasts for 1 month. Each rank of VIP can be added to raffles,even if not in the stream, access to commands regular viewers cannot access, access to somequeues regular viewers cannot join, lowered prices for quotes, and song requests, and more!The higher level of VIP the more cost reduction you get, and more.

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